11 Ideas to write an effective resume to stand out

“Get set the Goal with a winning resume that speaks your Achievement Rather than your Experience”

Are you worried about your recently dropped resume, whether it will get the required focus or not? Do you feel mortified of not being called even after forwarding your resume? How many times you imagined of winning that lucrative position only to come out with utter refusal? If such is the case or in case you are planning to spread your wings and soar high in your career then you need to design your resume in an appealing way. Your resume gets only 3 seconds to catch the recruiter’s eyeball. Therefore, fetch some fantastic idea and craft your resume giving a competitive edge to your profile and get hired within no time. There are many professional resume writing services that aid you design your unique and precise resume. While you treasure a dynamic resume you gain a definite advantage. If you are still wondering how to write an effective resume, then follow the mentioned tips below. These are time-tested and can help you how to enumerate your personal details clearly, succinctly, and in an organized manner.

Resume Writing

Design your resume as per the Job Description
Recruiting managers have specific knowledge about the skills and experiences required for the position and check for presence of those in the resumes of candidates. So, it is obligatory for you to make your resume job ready. You need to present your experience and expertise in such a way that it compels the hiring manager to call you for a face to face interview. In case your prior work experience does not match required job description, then get creative and frame your skill set as being transferable into the position required. Suppose, you had a teaching career and you want to make a career into instructional Designer. In such case, use those analytical skill, communicational, etc. as these are strong points searched by employers in an applicant’s profile.

Maintain a Standard Font
Hiring managers peep through thousands of resume per day and pick those that are simple and eye friendly written in a standard font, like, Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri. Stick to 10 to 12 point size. There are many stylish fonts, which should be avoided as resume should look simple yet competent. However, if you are going to apply for the position of a Designer then you can use graphics to make the resume more effective. Many times employers use resume tracking software that only tracks resumes with a standard, all acceptable fonts and discard the resumes that are written in stylish fonts. So, the thumb rule of designing a professional resume is to follow a standard font with a standard size.

Mention Accomplishments, not Responsibilities
It is imperative to focus on your achievements in previous organization rather thanpointing out responsibilities. Your employers want to know how you contributed to the growth of your earlier company than what you have done there. Joseph Terach, the CEO of Resume Deli has given the example of Pizza Delivery boy. Delivering pizza is not enough for the boy as that is what the boy is supposed to do. He should explain well how good he is in delivering pizza. Thus, mentioning your work experience will not lend you your dream position if you fail to attract your employer. While relevant skill set is indispensable, focusing on your accomplishments strengthens the chances of being hired. So, describe the ways you have crossed hurdles and excelled in your earlier profession.

Describe Important Credentials at the Top
In this competitive job-hunting scenario, where thousands of applicants try to make a mark, you need to place your vital information at the beginning. The recruiters skim your resume quickly and will make a decision seeing the top half. So, cite your objective, relevant skills and accomplishments first and then proceed to other pertinent information chronologically.

Speak confidently but don’t be too rigid
While describing your achievements and skills, speak with confidence and ease. Try to be open yet professional and knowledgeable in your field to exhibit your mastery over the required skill.

Measure Out Your Achievements
Always quantify your accomplishments with numbers to gain more importance. If you had achieved something within the deadline, then mention your capacity as numbers of products sold monthly or the money your company saved due to your efforts, or how many employee you had managed or trained, etc.

Use standard Keywords, but avoid them stuffing unnecessarily
While writing the resume, use proper industry-specific keywords so that your resume gets filtered and draws the attraction of the hiring manager. Use some action words as an adjective, like, team –player, goal-oriented, creative, proactive, problem-solver, quick-learner, practiced, self-motivated are some keywords that strike the recruiter immediately.

Tailor the Resume Headline as per Job Requirements
Your resume headline should be designed in comprehensive and competent ways to reveal your level of experience and your highest relevant qualification. You headline should sound as professional as it can be. It should include your positive traits and your competency to bring a difference into the company’s growth.

Be Honest
Companies look for honest and dedicated candidates. So be realistic and truthful while mentioning your skills and expertise. Do not try to be over smart and furnish false information. This could be a serious mistake.

Don’t Use Capital Letters Repeatedly
It is wise to write your resume headline in Title case, i.e. capitalizing only the first letter of every word. However, avoid writing the entire headline in capital letters.

Proof Read twice before Sending
Check the resume for any spelling, grammatical, or syntactical errors once you have completed. A minor mistake can raise a question on the quality of your candidature.

If you have done any charitable work, then mention the fact with details in your resume. Craft your resume in simple format yet professional manner. It is crucial to market yourself intelligently to eventually get hired. Sending a cover letter along with the resume increases your chance of getting the call. Do not forget to include your organizational skills, soft-skills, along with the technical know-how and step ahead of your competitionstolend the most coveted position.

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