25 Quotes that will Inspire you to write better content

Who said that the job of a content writer was easy? Despite being good at it, there are moments when a content writer feels totally inadequate and totally spent. It is quite challenging to maintain creativity through the job. He or she mus also be willing to take up challenges that may be thrown their way. In order to stay on the top of the game, it is important that the content writer stays motivated at all times. Reading some quotes may help in this regard. Some of the most attention grabbing quotes that rise to the occasion are –

content writer quotes

  • “The writer must be in it; he can’t be to one side of it, ever. He has to be endangered by it. His own attitudes have to be tested in it. The best work that anybody ever writes is the work that is on the verge of embarrassing him, always.”- Arthur Miller
  • “If you do not breathe through writing, if you do not cry out in writing, or sing in writing, then don’t write, because our culture has no use for it.”- Anais Nin
  • “We live not only in a world of thoughts, but also in a world of things. World without experience are meaningless.”- Vladimir Nabokov
  • “Find your best time of the day for writing and write. Don’t let anything else interfere. Afterwards it won’t matter to you that the kitchen is a mess.”- Esther Fraud
  • “Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration, the rest of us just get up and go to work.”- Stephan King
  • “Your top of the funnel content must be intellectually divorced from your product but emotionally wed to it.” – Jow Chernov

content writingquotes

  • “The key ingredient to better content is separating the single from the steam.”- David Hahn
  • “Your primary goal, no matter what trade-offs you face, should always be to meet your users’ needs first. The structure of your internal departments, the sources of information, the ways you categorize your users or even the convenience of updating should never override a choice to support how your users think about information.”- Jo Ann T Hackos and Dawn M Stevens
  • “Good copy can’t be written with tongue in cheek, written just for a living. You’ve got to believe in the product”.- David Oglivy
  • “A great headline mixed with a lame opening is like inviting someone into your house, only to slam the door in their face as they approach”. –Brain Clark
  • “Traditional marketing and advertising is telling the world tou’re a rock star. Content marketing is showing the world that you are one.”- Robert Rose

content writing quotes

  • “Even when you are marketing to your entire audience or customer base, you are still simply speaking to a single human at any given time. Worry less about sounding professional and worry more about creating remarkable content that other humans can relate to”. – Ann Handley
  • “Spending energy to understand the audience and carefully crafting a message that resonates with them means making a commitment of time and discipline to the process.”- Nancy Duarte
  • “Think of it more as publishing instead of marketing. Be authentic as a publisher an create content that helps you connect to everyone else….because they’re already connected.”- Mitch Joel
  • “Do not address your readers as though they were gathered together in a stadium. When people read your copy, they are alone. Pretend you are writing to each of them a letter on behalf of your client.”- David Oglivy
  • “The only way to win at content marketing is for the reader to say, This was written specially for you.”- Jamie Turner

content writing quotes

  • “The beautiful part of writing is that you don’t have to get it right the first time, unlike, say, a brain surgeon.”- Rober Carmier
  • “Create your own visual style…let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.”- Orson Welles
  • “Stop writing about everything, So many brands create content and try to cover everything, instead of focusing on the core niche that they can position themselves as an expert around. No one cares about your special recipe…Find your niche, and then go even more niche.”-Jow Puillizi
  • “Every piece of your content should be excellent, enough that customers are compelled to share it.”- Joe Pulzzi
  • “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” – Benjamin Franklin

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