6 Killer Tips to Write an Attractive Press Release

In this age of social media press release seems to be out of date as people are leaning more towards news that come fast and with drama. However, a powerful and attractive press release can still hold a reader glued to it even in this age of social media. An experienced and smart writer would know how to make a press release writing attractive enough to get plenty of readers hooked on to it and get the message spread throughout various channels. Press release writing requires time, skill, research, some creative talent and a will to make it attractive. Here are some tips on how to write an attractive press release:

Killer Tips to Write an Attractive Press Release

Catchy headline:

A headline is one that pulls a reader to any article. Therefore a headline should be short, absolutely pertaining to the subject yet interesting enough to grab the attention of a reader. Instead of a long bland sentence as a headline, it should be smart and creative. Readers are interested in good story rather than the company’s name or any brand name. Thus to induce readers to read the press release the headline must comprise of a compelling concept.

Hook factor:

After an attractive headline if the reader finds just another tasteless story the reader might switch. To make a plain story interesting it is necessary to plan something to keep the reader hooked to the press release. Before starting on the press release writing an extensive research on such writings, blogs, competitors and gathering such information is immensely important. The first hook factor is selecting a suitable story. A good story will engage the reader and keep him or her hooked to the last.

Multiple resources:

To make a press release attractive sticking to mere good writing is not adequate. Following it up with multiple resources can be considered a good marketing strategy of the piece. It provides a multi-dimensional aspect to the writing. Relevant photos, links, videos and other such materials added to the press release will surely help to provide interest to the reader and increase the attractiveness of the press release. It comes as a complete package and provides in-depth information to the reader.

Keeping to the goal:

While writing a press release a good story makes an attractive writing. However it is best to resort to short and simple style of writing. There is no point going over excessive use of vocabulary. The writing should have a good content sticking to the main points. There is no necessity to go over extra items that any other journalist would anyways cover. Most importantly, the press release should be kept restricted to one page or to two pages at the most.

Avoiding jargon:

Too much jargon can kill a press release. Technical and professional jargons in a large amount in writing can take away the reader’s interest and confuse him / her. The best thing while writing a press release would be to minimize the usage of technical jargons, provide explanations wherever applied and keep things simple. If the press release is written keeping in mind a broader audience then the writing should be simple enough even for a layman.

Proper proofreading:

It is important for the writer to make the reader interested in the story. Writing the story well will lead to credibility but errors can simply mar the writer’s reputation. Errors here include spelling and grammar errors. If the reader has to stop from time to time at spelling mistakes or mistakes in grammar, the interest is lost. Therefore before getting the press release printed it is necessary to proofread it properly. To avoid making too much error the press release writing could be written in a word processing document instead of online submission forms or text file.

Why is press release writing losing its popularity in this age? It is not just social media but also the lack of interesting writing. Not all who attempts their hand at it can emerge successful. It is now the time to come out from monotonous and bland news reporting that induces the reader to switch even before getting the message. The writing should be crisp, crafty and smart to hold the reader clinging to the writing till the last word. The above mentioned tips would surely be helpful for those seriously willing to make readers read their writing.

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