5 Best Free Social Media Management Tools For 2017

Social media is becoming more and more crucial for the businesses. Many companies have already noticed that they can maintain a good consumer relationship through social platforms. They have discovered that the customers are frequently using social media for expressing their opinion and feelings about the products and services.

Free Social Media Management Tools

Well, keeping track of all such views, suggestions, feelings, complaints, etc. is very challenging. Keeping track of all these with many social media appearance increases the difficulty level with several folds. Keeping track of all the brand pages ranging from Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, etc. needs efficient management. Handling and managing many accounts in multiple platforms is tricky, and you need social media management tools to save your time from this hassle.

Social media management tools are in the form of apps, plugins or are the software which can help you create, keep track, manage and measure the different platforms efficiently. These tools will help you by serving fruitful results for all the efforts and hard work that you are taking.

Here a couple of useful and free social management tools which help the businesses manage their social media appearance and efforts.


This is the most popular social media management tool, especially for the small companies and individuals. It is the simple form of the web based dashboard where you can schedule posts, manage the engagement, carry out your social media campaigns, monitor the competition, track the conversations, measure the effectiveness of a campaign, etc. The tool serves analytics and generates the reports across all the popular social media platforms like LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Overall, it is one of the perfect tools that can help your business schedule and analyze your social media marketing campaigns.


IFTTT is web popular for serving the most powerful automation service over the internet. This is the simplest tool with the feature of ‘Cause and Effect’ relationship. IFTTT stands for ‘If This, Then That.’ The mode of function of IFTTT is to perform the action if a preset trigger is activated. The tool is also designed to send you an email whenever you have a new follower on the social media channel, Twitter. The great thing about this tool is that it works with 160 popular and least popular social media platforms.


This is the most outstanding social media management tool with lots of images and lots of affordable graphics. It’s a free tool and you can easily login to your homepage. The tool serves dozens of image sizes specially designed for Facebook ads, Tweets, Pinterest graphics, etc. It helps you to add latest and eye-catching dimensions to all your social media platforms. As graphics is an important part of social media and Canva serves you with all your needs.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics
Google Analytics is the most terrific tool for businesses, especially for small establishments. It offers excellent insights on how their website connects and how it engages the online consumers. It serves page views, the number of visitors, testing web design, etc. Google Analytics offers the most important feature to test the web design features. It helps the business to understand what inspires the conversation. The tool lets the business understand their potential audience at the demographic, interests, geography, device and industry benchmark levels. Ultimately, it helps the business to better target the marketing efforts.


This is the most exclusive social media management tool available for free. This tool is more focused on Pinterest making it easy to scheduling pins and repins a snap. It serves with critical data on repins, comments, likes, traffic as well as revenue on the scheduled pins. It helps the business by delivering valuable information with regards what the audience desire most. The tool helps to monitor the competitor. It serves with trending topics in context, measures the brand as well as industry share of voice on Pinterest.

There are many more social media management tools those serve their quality services for free. Tracking and reporting the social media analytics is very challenging. And using these tools, the workload can be minimized while it helps optimized traffic. As the market is filled with lots of social media platforms, these tools prove useful to manage them under a single roof.

With these tools, it is incredibly easy to manage multiple social platforms. It is easy to schedule the posts, share the content and much more on various social media channels. The tools serve the most fantastic analytics service to monitor the impact of your every post on different social media platforms.

Not every company is ready to spend more on buying social media analytics tools. Instead, they can look for the efficient and effective tools those are available for free. By using these tools, you can become more productive. You can experience more results from social media and can increase the brand awareness quickly that too with zero investment.

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