How to Write a Compelling ebook That Goes Viral

Books have always been a source of joy and pleasure for book worms from the time printing presses came into being. From ages and even till some years back, libraries had been the haunt and source of every kind of books for the bookworms. With advancement of technologies in the modern era, where everything is going digital, books have gone digital too. People now slide through the pages of e-books and internet is the source for these. Notes, reviews and recommendations are available on the digital pages itself instead of the printed papers. The days of print are fast depleting. Thus ebook writing is the newest trend for authors in the present age. Here are some tips on writing a compelling e-book:

how to write a compelling ebook

Knowing the audience and competition:

In e-book writing the most important thing is to know the audience well and thrive on what they love to read. The audience is not just “everybody”, each one is an entity. It should be written such that the e-book is understandable and relatable. After audience comes the event of competition. There are several books available on the same topic. The challenge lies in making the book seem new and gripping.

Help from experienced authors:

It is definitely important to be original and creative in writing an e-book. However there is no harm or smallness in taking an experienced e-book writer as a mentor, at least in the initial stages. An experienced e-book writer knows all the strategies to make one work and the author can learn while writing. The person has to accept criticism in all forms and failure to be a successful writer.


For e-book writing the author must do an extensive research before the work. It is important for him / her to read more and more. Reading includes research s well as works of others. This will help the author to improve on their style and content of writing. This will also keep one up to date with emerging thoughts and ideas and thus incorporate them in their own e-book in a sensible manner.

Organised writing:

To write a compelling e-book there should not be attitude to complete the task in a hurry. Everything should be planned and organised before starting on the project. A general idea on word count should be formed in the mind beforehand and a short target be set for every writing day. The e-book too should be organised and not a mess of writing that will put off the reader.

Courageous writing:

To make the writing interesting the author should be courageous enough to deal with new subjects. If he / she lacks in knowledge of it an extensive study could help but the subject should not be deliberately avoided. One needs to go out of their comfort zone at times and accept the challenge of new things. New ideas and thoughts are always welcome.


A reader feels more inclined to read an e-book if the person finds it relating to his / her life. Thus the author should illustrate the book with ample examples and mostly real life examples. The reader will feel one with the author and the book. After all everyone wishes his /her life to be portrayed in a book or film.


Humour adds spice to any bit of writing. If the topic is dull and boring and can easily set the reader to a prolonged monotony there can be nothing better than a bit of good humour now and then in the e-book. It acts as a comic relief and relieves the reader of the tension and dullness.

An e-book is more than just a book where the reader often has to keep the deep felt insights secret in themselves. An e-book reaches to a larger audience and a mass discussion is possible. A deep felt topic can be explored in richer context by the author. However e-book writing requires great strategy to feed it to the audience. Knowing the audience better and their needs will help one to write a compelling e-book. It is important to know oneself and the market too. It is a matter of commitment to be an author of an e-book. The above given tips could be helpful for an author to write a compelling and engaging e-book.

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