Incredible ideas to write a content to increase user engagement on your blog

“The thumb rule of content should be Attract, Engage and Convert”-Lee Odden

Writing a blog that does not catch the eyeballs is almost like talking to a guy with a headphone in both ears. You will gain complete indifference and it sucks. If you are experiencing minimum reader’s response to your blog or come to know about the high bounce rate, then it is the time, you need to pause and revise your content marketing strategies. First, check where your blog lacks, in terms of presentation, content and quality. Optimizing the content as per search engine is another wonderful idea to gain interest of the reader. So, make SEO content writing your agenda and create a keyword based content that educates as well as entertains readers.

Let’s take a look on some fruitful content marketing strategies that help you catch your visitor’s attention and enable you enjoy massive customer conversion. Your aim is not only to attract the readers but encourage them or make them feel comfortable to respond positively to your blog. And there lies the success.

Incredible ideas to write content

Study thy Audience
When writing a blog, keep your audience in mind. Try to know about target audience and their requirements. Write in a friendly note and stick to the norms of educating the reader along with an interactive way.

Put a Catchy Title
The title of the blog or article is the first thing that a reader sees. Hence, it needs to be appealing, something that can attract like a magnet. The blog is an advertising content. So your job is to make the reader not only read, but also engage with the content. To do this you need to add a killer title that stands out unique. Apart from adding a “How to title” think of some creative and relative title that set the whole mood of the content and can glue a reader. You can also use figures to create a credible title. Using the industry relevant buzzwords is another tactic to draw the attention. For example: The nitty-gritty of SEO content: the ultimate success mantra of your business.

Raise an interest by a Captivating Introduction
You know that first impression is the last impression. Your catchy title fetches your readers to your page and now it is your duty to keep the interest intact. How will you keep them attracted? The answer lies in starting with an intriguing introduction. Raise curiosity and explain creatively why the blog is necessary. Instead of talking about your business flatly, try to touch the pain points of your readers. Create a bond with your reader and address the need. However, stay away from revealing too much. Leave that to the body of the content. Make use of humor in the introduction. Your blog’s aim is tosolve a problem, so do it in a light way.

Ask Questions
Give your readers a reason to respond by asking questions. You can raise an interest by asking question at the first paragraph or put a question at the end of the blog to spark a debate. Your readers are expected to engage if they are given a clear idea on how to start or continue a conversation.

Write in a Conversational Tone
To engage the reader you need to connect directly with your target audience. To do this, use a conversational tone. Address the reader as “you “and try to touch their pain points. Write in brief and precise way and try to convince readers with a face to face conversation.

Go beyond Words
Writing does not help you to engage your reader if you forget to include images, graphics and more importantly links to other articles. Links to relevant article help Google crawler to better understand your business. It also encourages your readers to explore further. Use of infographics, product images, graphs works like wonder in attracting the readers.

Maintain Continuity
There are many blogs that start with an interesting tone but lack continuity after the first or second paragraphs. This unfortunately can make the readers abandon the blog. Therefore, maintaining the flow of writing is imperative to keep the interest intact.

Utilize Headlines and Sub-headlines
In today’s world people have less time to read, so they tend to scan through pages. Use headings and keep it bold. You can also make the heading in italic for being eye catchy. Don’t write long paragraph. Adhere to the norms of keeping it simple and short. Learn how to use the power words that engage visitors emotionally by emphasizing the fact.

Offer Some Tips to Address the Needs
Provide some tips or keys to unlock the loopholes. Write a blog including some unique tips to combat the issue. Define every point with interesting keywords that draw the attention.

Optimize keywords into the Content
SEO content writing is another buzzword that is ruling the roost in today’s competitive business scenario. Embed popular and relevant keywords into the title of the blog and use it one time in the first sentence of your blog. Keywords help your blog to rank high in Google. However, while using keywords be careful not to indulge in keyword stuffing. Search engines now abandon those pages that are crowded with keywords. So, knowing how to use keywords in writing definitely helps gain more readers.

Use Active Voice
While writing a blog post, use active voice instead of passive one. Your visitor must be able to connect to the information that you are presenting in live sense. Passive voice is suitable for legal documents or prose like content. When you are writing a blog it needs to be interactive. So use direct sentences that appeal the reader and engage easily. Do not use “they “or “them”.

An Apt Conclusion
At the end conclude the blog with summarizing the essence of the blog. The conclusion is necessary just like the introduction. If you complete the blog without the conclusion your blog content will look abrupt.

Revise the Blog twice for Error free Content
Once you complete the blog check it for grammar and spelling error. Use grammar and spell check tool and double check for any kind of typing error.

So, now you gain the tips to write an interactive blog, employ these tricks next time while writing your blog and make your readers hook on to it. All the best for an interactive writing….!

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