11 Most Common Content Writing Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Do you believe in bulletproof content writing strategy? Do you have one? Well, powerful content writing can fuel up your business in the present marketplace but it will be wastage of time and money if not implemented in a way it should be. This article will make you aware about 11 common mistakes which you can make while writing content.

Common Content Writing Mistakes

  1. Writing without Planning

It’s good that you got a new project, but never start writing without making a strategy. It will not give any results. If you want to write user-friendly content, plan it first and follow that throughout your content writing process. Beginners need to do proper research work, should know about the target audience and understand their needs. A writer may or may not be familiar with the services of clients. It is important to mention target keywords in the content which require thorough understanding of customers’ industry.

  1. Emphasizing On Quantity

There is always a debate between Quality vs. Quantity. Most of the content writers think that more content leads to more results. But the story is different. Average quality content may generate traffic for the time being, but it will never connect with your target audience. Quality matters a lot! You may lose customers’ trust with poor quality content which is the most valuable asset; a company can have.

  1. Mastery Only In One Medium

If you have proficiency in any one form of writing, it’s good. But sticking to only that medium is not sufficient in today’s competitive world.  There are dozens of ways- infographics, video, slide decks, audio, etc. and each one has its charm and appeal. If your blog post follows the same pattern each time, your will lose interest in your writing. Think in this way: Different people have different approach to learning. Some like to read, others like to listen, or some may like to see visuals. Your content should entertain each reader.

  1. Writing for General Audience

This is a common mistake which most of the writers do, and it is quite obvious. While targeting specific audience, you might get a feeling of limiting your potential reach. However, narrowing your target audience here means boosting the relevance of content. Hence sometimes it’s better to target thousands of potential readers who will increase conversion rate, instead of focusing on millions who will never make any purchase.

  1. Writing on Diverse Topics

You might be tempted to write on various topics about your industry. But if you are a beginner, it will be good for you to limit yourself and try to concentrate on a particular field. This will make you an expert in that area.  This strategy will help you to remain in your followers’ mind, as it’s easy to remember a specialist rather than a generalist.

  1. Focusing Only On Onsite Content

It is true that most of us write for their own website. But for getting traffic through your content, it is essential that you focus on other websites for guest blogging. You should start writing as a guest blogger on other good websites which will increase your brand visibility. It’s sad that most of the small companies are not aware of this trick.

  1. Avoiding SEO

You believe it or not but SEO is an integral part of your business. You may think SEO as a technical aspect while writing, but IT’S NOT. It just requires good keywords and competitive targeting for optimizing your content as per search engine.

  1. Not Giving Importance to Social Media

Most of the content writers do not give much importance to social media. But in reality, it is the best platform to show your talent and promote business. Most importantly, social media is free and is a good way to make your content public. And of course it takes just a few seconds to post your content on social media. It is imperative to accept this truth and start promoting your content on social media.

  1. Never Welcoming Changes

Rapid changes happen in marketing strategies and being a content writer you need to change accordingly. Update your plans, get familiar with new technologies, experiment with mediums and make efficient use of new trends. Keeping yourself in one position for a long time is not good for your company in today’s industry.

  1. Never Focusing On Optimization for Conversions

Apart from getting good traffic on your website and brand reputation, your content should be convincing enough to push customers towards sales pipeline. If this is not the situation, then you are missing hundreds or even thousands of customers, thus ignoring opportunities of adding bountiful leads in your pocket.

  1. Failing In Analyzing Data

It is important to track data, for calculating whether your company is making profit or not. Most of the writers use Google Analytics for collecting data about their campaign. Take a deep dive and analyze the data for planning your writing strategy accordingly.

So, these are 11 content writing mistakes often made by most of the writers. Don’t worry if you are one of them. You can always change your strategies in content writing for getting success.

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