[SEO 2015] Do keywords still matter in SEO? Smart way to use of keywords

Are we getting closer to the end of the keyword era? Till date, there have been lots of dramatic changes in SEO. The Panda updates proved to be chaos for several website owners. The changes ahead are certainly a big concern for all SEO. It is clear that stuffing keywords is not at all meaningful now. The Panda updates certainly helped to improve the content on each page, whereas the Pigeon update in 2014 perked up local search results.

Google Hummingbird

There is neither ethical nor technical limit to top search engines’ results. Often sites get temporarily or permanently excluded from search engines. Is the reaction of search engines correct? The experts are coming up with various tricks and cheats. The use of “black hat” SEO optimization techniques and malpractices is increasing day by day and that is why; the reaction of search engines seems to be fair. This certainly affects the relevancy of results and leads to the point where the search engines begin to deliver totally manipulated and irrelevant search results. Search engines might not discover your scams immediately, but your competitors are certainly on toes to find it out and report.
So, what is expected ahead and what should be your moves? How a sustainable SEO campaign can help to survive the change? It is certainly a tricky affair, but right moves will help you survive rather top it.

Fresh, unique, relevant, quality content- key to success
Search engines can easily distinguish unoriginal/poor quality and well-written content. So the key to achieve success ahead is certainly to invest time in creating high quality content for your website. The web sites featuring consistent top-notch content are always rewarded by top search engines like Google, and the results are more business, with more traffic and more profits. So, focus on quality and not the quantity.

Keywords – are they still an SEO factor?

With the Hummingbird update in 2013, there are lots of changes in the way the keywords are used, viewed, and searched. People are now using a more conversational style search and hence, the use of conversational style keywords could help you attain the best ranking. But, how one should place the keywords smartly? Earlier, the method of stuffing worked well. But now the days are gone where one can simply manipulate a page’s ranking with keyword stuffing. Cluttering keywords onto a page does not make any sense now. Further, search engines have become to identify hidden offending keywords, or keywords having text color same as the background color.

Misconceptions- keyword density and keyword stuffing…

Earlier clients were too fussy about pushing their sites to top positions by putting the targeted keywords on a page. Certainly, SEO experts started stuffing the pages with keywords. But it was far away from the acceptable level of keywords per page that is keyword density. This keyword stuffing is supposed to be an unethical practice, as using the keyword throughout the text is suspicious and that page is not at all readable. The recommended keyword density is from 2 to 7%. But what will happen if it is 9-10%. Will that text be meaningful? Will the visitors read it? The answer is simply NO. Search engines will surely notice this keyword stuffing and you may get penalized for it too.

Look at the example below:

Are you looking for the cheap leather bags? Look no further, your search for cheap leather bags ends here. Our cheap leather bags’ website is a fine destination to stop and order your new cheap leather bags. Please go through our wide range of cheap leather bags and purchase your cheap leather bags at ease.

Is it readable? Will you be interested in reading further and staying on that page? Certainly, the readers are going to distract from such pretty unattractive, keyword stuffed content. The visitor will not find anything on that page that thinks about users and their needs. Will this terrible user experience help to top the search engine rankings? Not, at all. Keyword optimization is certainly necessary, but you need to understand the difference clearly.

What are the dangers of over-optimizing and Keyword Stuffing?

Keyword stuffing is strictly a black-hat tactic now. Keyword stuffing can give some positive short-term results; however, it is simply like playing with fire and hardly ever beneficial in the long term. Major search engines penalize the sites that are stuffing the keyword turkey. Of course, you don’t want your webpage to be demoted or totally removed from the rankings.

Search engine bots are getting smarter with enhanced relevance. Thus, whoever abuses it by putting too many keywords on a page or any other technique will surely get affected. In simple words, over optimizing or keyword stuffing is a risky game. Furthermore, it is not expected to get safer anytime soon. Search engines dislike cheating and black hat tactics, as all these methods result in a terrible user experience.

Responsible optimization of Keywords –
Though we are approaching a new era of SEO, still the use of keyword in the content is vital. It is clear that smart use of keywords is essential. It is the time to understand and differentiate general keyword usage from keyword stuffing. Responsible keyword insertion can take you a step ahead. Like several other things in day to day life, moderate use of keywords is essential.

• In simple words, rather than thinking about search engines, their algorithms, bots and rankings, think about your audience, the people who will actually visit your site. Invest time in researching about the people who will visit your site, their needs and create information-rich content that will help them. Smartly use keywords in well-to-do fashion. Keep in mind, walk the Fine Line.

• If you are thinking, how many times I should use the keyword, then actually, there is no magic number. However, most of the experts consider 2 to 5% keyword density as safe.

• In addition to this, rather than using the same keyword 100 times, smart use of long-tail keyword variations can make your content interesting spice things up a bit in your content.

• Different words having the same meaning can prove to be helpful too. Implementing synonyms may help here. Search engines are now concentrating on relevancy and synonyms help search engines stay relevant. Thus, your site will get rewarded if you implement synonyms. Using a variety of related words, not only makes the content readable, but it spells smartly crafted content having real value.

Hiring a professional SEO content writing services

SEO is certainly a tricky affair. The competition is huge. Further, the users and search engine bots are getting smarter day by day. SEO content writing has gone far away from just adding keywords and you need to understand it quickly. Looking for an expert SEO writing company can be a smart way to win the obstacle race and stand ahead in the competition.

To conclude, to search engines, there is a difference in an intentionally over-optimized site to cheat them or a site over-optimized with good intentions. No matter what your motives are, following correct practices and walking the fine line seems to be beneficial, in years to come.

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