Top 15 SEO Content Writing Tips for New Writers

It is an art to write appealing and highly informative contents. Though, it is not a skill that can be learned by attending few classes, one can work upon his or her existing style of writing in order to learn how to write information packed, highly robust content. Using such content is a sure way to bring about a marked improvement in a website’s or blog’s ranking with various search engines.

Content writing tips

Content writing tips

Following top 15 tips for SEO Content writing can help you in writing contents that will help in improving search engine rankings-

1)  Write Effective Headlines or titles:

The headline given to the article plays a vital role in attracting user’s attention. Studies indicate that the time available to woo a customer is less than 10 seconds. 90 percent customers will read a content if its headline appeals them. It is important that this title is relevant to the heading and is inspiring, intriguing or sensational. Keyword placing in the title is also a good SEO manoeuvre.

2)  Content is King:

Content is King

SEO content writing

Under the aegis of the World Wide Web, content is always given a lot of significance; hence it is always said that “content is king”. The internet is the treasure trove of information sought by the visitors. Whatever is written on a site, it is likely to reach millions of readers spread around various parts of the world. Compelling content needs to be written for the purpose of increasing website traffic. The page structure should also be kept in mind and the paragraphs must be placed in such a manner that it stands apart from the rest paragraphs.

3)  Length of Content Writing:

There is no unanimity about length of content posted on various search engines. Though, there is no magical number as such, the ideal length of the content must be between 400-1200 words. Content longer than this will not be able to maintain the attention of the visitors. The major focus should be on the quality of the content rather than the length of the content.

4) Write To The Point Content:

It is no use beating around the bush when one needs to share something informative with the readers. The content should be highly informative and should be written in a precise manner. Every important point should be made a part of this content. The message that one needs to convey to the readers must be the focus of the content.

5)  Keyword use in Content:

SEO Keywords

SEO keywords for Content

When it comes to SEO or Search Engine Optimization, a crucial role is played by the keywords. These keywords can be used in variations so that whenever information about a particular aspect is needed, the relevant websites are opened immediately. While placing keywords, care should be taken that keywords are not stuffed unnecessarily rather they should go with the flow of the content. Keyword phrases used should be semantic relevant.

6) Author Bio:

Adding biographical information when writing an article to be submitted to one of the online directories or a blog, a website or a guest post, will prove to be quite important when it comes to building website reputation. This also helps in size optimizing. If it is possible adding the keyword phrase in the biography can help a lot. Adding author’s image is also a good idea when it comes to SEO writing.

7) Headings Tag Hierarchical:

Appropriate tags are very important to be taken care of when writing content. Thus, use of suitable header tags is a must as it helps in structuring content that will be shown in Google as a well structured and highly professionally written content leading to higher rankings.

8) Meta Tag Descriptions:

A Meta tag description with the content that has been written for a site helps a lot when it comes to gaining higher SEO rankings. User clicks can be gained from SERP’s that is Search Engine Results Page. Maximum 160 character descriptions are usually allowed by many sites thus it is important to keep them short and precise.

9) Writing Genuine Content:

It is very important to write unique and fresh content as the sites that posts duplicate information are penalised. Copying someone else’s content and posting it as yours is a disaster for the site as it can be punished for this offence.

 10) Content Images:

It has been said that a picture speaks more than the thousand words. Thus, adding eye catching images relevant to the content will surely help in grabbing reader’s attention. Us images from a free download site so that you do not in copyright infringement case.

11) Decide a topic with great care

Before starting to write content, decide a topic and spend some time researching the same. Once you have gone through this topic, you will have your own opinions to write when you start penning content. Thoughts, ideas and opinions will flow freely. You will not need to refer to a site or another content to know more about it.

12) Set a goal

Serious writers need to set a goal for their content writing jobs. They can decide to spend half an hour on content and as such it becomes easier for them to decide the number of contents to be written every day.

13) Use a lot of sub headings

It is important to break the monotony of content by using several sub headings. This way the content will be eye grabbing and people will pay more attention when reading. According to the sub heading, relevant content must be written. This way the content becomes well structured.

14) Avoid using slangs

When writing contents for a site, it is better to avoid slangs and cuss words. The purpose of writing contents is to attract target audience and not to deter them from reading further.

15) Write grammatically correct contents

Innumerable grammatical errors and typos can alienate people and they would not like to read the content further. Thus, before posting contents on a site, it is important to check them for grammar and spelling mistakes.

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